Find A Tutor

Tutors in our network have a strong background in literacy programs with evidence-based curricula developed specifically for people with dyslexia to improve their reading ability. The tutors listed below are certified in one or more reading programs, such as Wilson Reading System, Orton-Gillingham Program, or Barton System. However, the tutors listed below do not submit their certification to Reading for Life Utah. As a result, parents or guardians must use caution and be selective when interviewing potential tutors.

The list of reading specialists continues to grow; please check back frequently. If you are a tutor and wish to be included on our list, please get in touch with us.

Bethany BakerHurricaneUTWilson Reading System(435)
Janice ChandlerIvins & Santa ClaraUTDyslexia Training Institute(435)
Jackie CloveEnterpriseUTWilson Reading System(435)
Allyson GardnerIvins, St. George, and Santa ClaraUTDyslexia Training Institute(435) 313-6934n/a
Becky JacksonWashington CountyUTDyslexia Training Institute(435)
Stacey LarsonWashington CountyUTWilson Reading System(435) 669-3503n/a
Amy LasaterSt. George and Santa ClaraUTWilson Reading System(435) 862-9647n/a
Ginny NobisSt. GeorgeUTWilson Reading Systemn/
Danielle RobinsonWashington CountyUTWilson Reading Systemn/
Jennae SnowSt. GeorgeUTWilson Reading Systemn/
Stephanie WilberHurricane and Santa ClaraUTWilson Reading System(801)